Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Video] "Only You" 2nd Teaser 16-09-2011

mmmm looking good ^^

Credit k1313k1313k

thanx to dear Saturn, we have the translation of the dialogue ^^

Jeonghwa: 이렇게 하면 아저씨가 보이는 것 같아. If I do this, I feel like I see you, ajussi.

Cheolmin: 그녀가 오는 소리. 내 가슴이 울린다. The sound of her coming, moves my heart.

Jeonghwa: 잘생겼어요? 안 보인다고 뻥치지 말고. Are you handsome? Don't lie because I can't see.

Cheolmin: 나 서른살이고, 권투 했었고, I am thirty. I did boxing before.
그리고 어렸을 때 아주 나쁘게 살았어요. And I lived very bad life when I was young.
그런데 지금은 그렇게 안 살아요. But I don't live like that anymore.

Jeonghwa: 내가 생각했던 것 보다 아저씨가 훨씬 못생겼으면 어떡하지?
What should I do if you are much ugly looking than I thought?

Man: 혹시 잘못되면 위험할 수도 있는데. If thing's go wrong, you can be in danger.

Jeonghwa: 괜찮으세요? 다치신 데 없으세요? Are you alright? Aren't you hurt?

Cheolmin: 내가 떠나는 소리. 그녀는 듣지 못한다. The sound of my leaving, she can't hear.

(OST by Kim Beomsoo)
그대, 오직 그대 만이 내 첫사랑, 내 끝사랑. You, only you are my first love, my last love.
지금부터 달라질 수 없는 한 가지, 그대만이 영원한 내 사랑.
The only thing which cannot be changed. You are my eternal love. 

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MakinoSev said...

Hi Hind :)
Thanks for this awesome translation. i love it and put this translation on my blog.
of course, firstly i translated english to turkish, and then i put the turkish lyric and source(your blog) on my blog.
i hope that’s ok for you.