Wednesday, February 24, 2010

♥ So Ji Sub is Giordano's new face ♥

Translation: Hind@Totallysojisub
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So Ji Sub was named the new face of the casual clothing brand 'Giordano'. Jang Dong Gun was the official face of Giordano from 2003.

So Ji Sub is busy shooting his new drama 'Road Number One' to be aired on MBC in June.

So Ji Sub's new drama depicts the 60th aniversary of the Korean war 'Road Number One'. So Ji Sub plays the character of Army captain Lee Jan Woo who struggles between friendship and love.
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More info according to dear Khwy @JSA

According to internet media reports, Jisub filmed the CF together with hip-hop singer Tiger JK on 23 Feb.

The CF ws filmed on location near Hongik University in Seoul. The concept for the CF showed Jisub and Tiger JK going through their daily activities stalked by the paparazzis.

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