Monday, February 15, 2010

51k [Love letter] New year greetings

햇볕이 가려지지가 않네요

우리 모두에게 새로운 한해가 밝았습니다.

다들 즐거운 설 연휴 보내고 계시죠?

저는 오.늘.만. 쉬지만... 좋은 작품 만들려고 배우들과 스탭 모두

열심히 촬영하고 있으니 조금만기다려주세요.

떡 국 맛있게 드시고, 새뱃돈도 많이 챙기세요 (줘야하나... ^^)

올 한해는 원하는 모든 일들이 다 이루어지길... 그리고 항상 건강하고,

사랑도 많이 하는 2010년 만드시고, 새해 복 많이많이 받으세요~


2010. 2. 14 설날 그리고 발렌타인데이에...

credit 51

translation by Hind

[Love letter] New year greetings

the sun is not down yet

it was a bright new year for all of us.

Are you guys having good New Year holdays?

All the actors and staff are working hard in order to create a good work

So please wait a little bit.

Enjoy eating delicious soup with rice cakes, and please ask a lot of lottery numbers

need one ... ^ ^)

wish in this year, everything you want will take place ... And may you always be healthy,

make a lot of love in 2010, Have a Happy New Year

. So Ji Sub.

2010. 2. 14 New Year's Day and Valentine's Day...

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mariposa28 said...

thanks dearie for translationg, muah
soo sweet, he'sthinking about his fans on this day, too cute ^^