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bntnews Interview Translation

it's my first time translating Jisub's words, i dd some translations for articles but was reluctant to do the same when ther's SJS talking, i was afraid not to be able to convey all his feelings & words, it's my first try & i hope it's a good one *shy*

'So Ganji' "another symbol of So Ji Sub manliness"

Translation: Hind@Totallysojisub
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So Ji Sub’s nick name « So Gangi » is not enough to totally describe his masculine charm.
In 2009, So Ji Sub brilliantly portrayed dotcor Lee Choi In, nothing seems to be lacking despite the inside deep wound. His charisma is to be desplayed again in the 2010 series « Road Number One »

« From November 2009, i was determined to play in Road Number One with its large scale drama & difficult battle scenes . I did shoot a lot of dangerous scenes & i was busy with training & trying to fully understand the script. » The actor aims to show up another manly face apart from the bright romantic roles he played, he now choose to go to another level.

« I was always attracted to this kind of character. I was trying to find a solid & tough figure & not just a good scenario. In this drama, my character is a drastic & tough one, he’s a man who endures harsh circumstances. » in the drama Road Number One, So Ji Sub is starring as Army captain Lee Jang Woo « The context in this drama is the Korean War, the survival and camaraderie love, as well as the love and anguish of the human character which touched my heart »

Throughout his career, So Ji Sub had starred with a lot of acknowledged actresses such as Han Ji-won, Lin Xiujing, Chae Lim & many others. « what’s more important when shooting a drama is the mutual understanding of the two actors , this will completely be revealed when shooting romantic moments »

What’s important is keeping the good memories. Even with So Ji Sub’s ardent & unfolding love for acting, one has to come down to reality. Now , in your thirties , the age to be married, dont u feel lonely ? « Sometimes I feel lonely, but now i have no intention to get married yet. Because of my age, i have to be more cautious & careful. Now I want to work , it’s still this kind of greed »

Compared to his close friends Song Seung Heon, Kwon Sang-woo, So Ji Sub overseas market expansion seem a bit too late. « As the lake meets the river & the river meets the sea then naturally i want to meet my overseas fans. If there is a good opportunity to do so , then I will carefully consider my decisions, " he said in a revelation of his future aspirations.

The best actor’s award he gained from the drama Im Sorry I Love You led him to another path, a totally different one from the path he was leading : Swimming. Do you have any regret ?? « Swimming is included in my acting career, those many years of training seem to help. But at any occason did i regret. Im always hardly tying to be a better actor » he said.

Even the younger actors are influenced with his acting philosophy,. They would now like to become as popular as " So Ji Sub " the actor. An illustratif example is "little So Ji Sub," Yoo Seung-ho. For those who wonder why he’s called that way, it’s not only by looks, his acting method is also similar to So Ji Sub. So Ji Sub said, " It seems to me there are many similarities between us, for that I feel grateful and really sorry, Seung Ho's acting is very good & in the future he will be very handsome and will grow a very good actor " showing his care for the young actor.

This new drama may be a role model for junior actors in 2010 to become a more mature actors like So Ji Sub. « i am thankful to my fans, i am happy to be able to work hard & to show my fans a better acting in 2010. I hope you laugh more & love more » conveying his greetings to his fans.
Looking forward to So Ji sub’s 2010 drama news.


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