Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Article] So Ji Seop with a child actor while shooting ‘Master Sun’

New photos of So Ji Seop from drama ‘Master’s Sun’ are becoming a hot issue.

On July 26th the production team new SBS drama ‘Master’s Sun’ revealed photos of So Ji Seop that were taken at shooting scenes.

So Ji Seop is casting as Joo Joong Won who is an arrogant department store owner and in the scene, he is approaching a child who is looking at a water fountain in the mall

So Ji Seop got rid of the cold look of Joo Joong Won, and he is showing a warm and gentle look at the child

He gives a coin to the child, and whispers her that her wish will come true if she throws the coin into the fountain and makes a wish

The shooting was held for about three hours, and it is said that he showed great cares for her so that she will not get nervous

On the other hand, ‘Master’s Sun’ will premiere on August 7th as the sequel of ‘I Hear Your Voice’

Credit : en.hikpop

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