Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Article] Filming for SBS TV drama ‘The Master’s Sun’ progressing smoothly despite harsh weather

The production team for upcoming SBS TV Wed-Thu drama ‘The Master’s Sun’ has recently released a new set of photos where it showed everyone on the film set working hard together for the filming despite the hot and rainy weather conditions.

Filming began in early summer, but it met with the rainy season in recent times, which prompted the rescheduling of certain filming scenes. As a result, most of the filming for the rescheduled scenes started in the afternoon, and could only be concluded after midnight. But every cast member gave each other encouragement, and gave their all for the filming. In order to not disappoint viewers who have been anticipating the drama, the cast members are ignoring their own fatigue levels to film each and every scene with boundless passion.

The cast members of ‘The Master’s Sun’ are always wearing smiles on their faces for their filming each time, and their happy mood has been a source of energy for the entire production. So Ji Sub who plays the role of the egoistic and miserly Joo Joong Won in the drama, always wears a radiant smile on his face in between breaks during filming, and created an amiable mood at the film set. Gong Hyo Jin also demonstrated her trademark smile during breaks between the filming, and added much cheer to the film set despite her dark and gloomy role of Tae Kong Sil.

So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin act as a bickering couple in the drama, but while the director gives the ‘OK’ sign, the two would immediately wear radiant smiles on their faces. The two also take good care of each other on the film set, and has been labelled as the ‘So-Gong couple’ by many who were envious of their relationship. Maknae Seo In Guk has also been showing his easy-going nature at the set, by dishing ice coffee and other food to the production staff, and winning their favour.

SBS TV ‘The Master’ Sun’ revolves around a relationship between an egoistic and miserly man, and a woman who is a cry baby and possesses the ability the see ghosts after an incident. The drama will succeed ‘I Hear Your Voice’ and make its debut on August 7th.

By: Yoon Hyo Jung

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