Friday, December 21, 2012

[Article] So Ji sub, party styling for man

[by Kang Jung yeon] Korean Actor So Ji sub showed what is real gentle man’s Party Look is.

So Ji sub has released a collaboration pictorial with desert café TWOSOME on December 20th issue of 1st Look magazine.

In the photos he wore formal suit and had a desert from TWOSOME making the photo like he is in the middle of a party.

During the interview he said he spends times enjoying tea time at this café having coffee and cake. He also said he doesn't have specific plans for end of the year, but he usually hangout with his close friend Song Seung heon and Jung Joon ha drinking soju.

The full contents of his interview and pictorial are on December 20th issue of 1st Look magazine and their web page. (photo by 1st Look)

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