Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[Article] So Ji Sub celebrates Dong Jun's casting in musical

he's so cute posing with the flowers ^^

So Ji Sub sent flowers to celebrate ZE:A's Dong Jun's casting in musical.
On 15th, a photo was uploaded on the official me2day of ZE:A. They wrote, "First presentation of 'Catch Me If you Can'. So Ji Sub celebrated Dong Jun's casting, and our fans from all over the world also sent celebrations. Dong Jun is looking very proud!"
In the photo, ZE:A's Dong Jun is posing in front of the flowers that actor So Ji Sub sent.
They also wrote, "So Ji Sub, and ZE:As. Are you watching? Cheers!"
On the other hand, Dong Jun is casting in musical 'Catch Me If You Can' as Frank.

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