Friday, September 7, 2012

[Article] ZE:A’s Dong Jun makes his big screen debut with "A Company Man"

the press conference will take place on the 12th September & the release date is set on the 18th October..
(thanks to dear Cho Ha in FB for the news )

September 06, 2012

Kim Dong Jun, the youngest member of idol group ZE:A, will make his big screen debut in the movie A Company Man.
The movie is about the head of a business department in a contract killer company tries to live an ordinary life. Kim plays the role of a part timer, who works at the killer company but didn’t finish high school and now lives a risky life.
Kim plays a cold blooded and rebellious character but he takes care of his family very well. He plays the key role to make So Ji Sub, who plays the role of a head named Ji Hyung Do, go against the company for the first time. Kim practiced hard for the movie and made the entire crew praise him by showing off his skillful shooting ability. He focused his energy into the movie to dominate the fall.
The movie will be released on October 18.

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