Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Article] Still cuts of So Ji Sub in a suit revealed from upcoming movie ‘A Company Man’

Upcoming movie ‘A Company Man‘ recently revealed a few still cuts of actor So Ji Sub looking amazing in a suit on set.
The actor stole hearts with the new look, wearing a clean-cut suit and showing off his perfect features. ‘A Company Man’ is about a man name Ji Hyung Do who works for a company of assassins – the plot takes off when he wants to start living a ‘normal’ life. 

For ‘A Company Man’, So Ji Sub worked with actors Kwak Do Won, Lee Mi Yeon, and ZE:A‘s Dongjun.

So Ji Sub commented, “Ji Hyung Do is a person who works his absolute hardest at whatever task he is given. I tried not to overdo anything or look ‘cool’ and worked to look like a normal company man.”
‘A Company Man’ will open in theaters on October 18th!
Sorry So Ji Sub, you still look pretty cool to us.
Source + Image: via Nate  

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