Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Various Updates

from 한초하 :

Reserve forces training on Aug.14
All Korean healthy men have obligatory military service.
About 2 years military service, they must receive obligatory military service for 6-8years. After that they must do civil Defense training.
Anyway, see our SJS. It is not movie or drama.^^
They are all males but they said they confessed they are really charmed and fascinated by SJS.
this training is as Reserve forces training not Regular armed forces. It is very difficult to explain because it is very specific situation in Korea. For about 2 years military service was done already. It is tough and tight schedule but after that, Korean men should receive military training a few days a year for about 8 years after their regular military service. It is a kind of civil defense training not regular soldier.
Today, SJS has more male fans. Honestly, many top stars don't go to receive the training and they pay for the training. If they don't receive the training, they must pay for a fine. But SJS goes to receive the training. Many people there are surpirsed to see him.Just 5 days per year. 8 hours a day. Today's training is finished. SJS went to his cafe (Twosomeplace by 51k) after the training.(I've got the information from twitter.)
He already went back home via his cafe after 8 hours training. 
The Training is with a gun and listening to lecture and watching war movie or war drama(including Rd.No.1^^) . How does he feel if he watchs his drama RD.No.1 there? ^^

from 한초하 :
Yesterday, SJS went to 51cafe (twosomeplace by 51k) after the training and met several his fans and watched movie with them. 
There is a cinema and SJS' cafe in the same building.
He told the fans there "The Company Man" would be released in October 

short talk between fans and SJS on Aug.14
(when he went to 51cafe after the reserve training)

After watching the movie (R2B-Rain's movie), there was short talks bet. fans and SJS.

One fan asked him "(Do you remember) You told before that you would film 3 works per year?."
SJS answered with smile , so cute "I am so tired to death. Due too tight schedule, So, I am almost dead "
(He added he couldn't take a rest even one day since he started filming Ghost.)
Another fan asked him to do romantic comedy in his next project.
SJS answered "After taking somerest, I will."

credit Nivras @ soompi

Credit DC

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