Thursday, August 9, 2012

[Article] So Ji Sub shares his thoughts on the conclusion of ‘Phantom’

Actor So Ji Sub has shared his final thoughts on concluding his SBS drama, ‘Phantom‘.
On August 4th, the drama came to a final conclusion after four months of hard work. So Ji Sub greeted each staff one final time and gave them all a warm hug to express his gratitude. To the staff disappointed that the drama had already came to an end, he told them, “Thank you for being a source of strength for me.”
When asked by a staff member if he had a hard time through the filming, he jokingly replied with a bright smile, “It’s probably okay for me to say this now, right? This was the hardest out of all of my past works.”
So Ji Sub expressed, “The filming has all come to an end but there are still two episodes left to air so I don’t feel like it’s quite over yet. I think I’ll start to feel it once all of the episodes have been broadcast. This is the first time all of my co-stars and staff have taken on such a genre so there were definitely a lot of hardships along the way. The drama is different in that it’s not focused on the emotions of the leading characters but rather on the flow of the story so it was hard acting all of that out. I think everyone would consider that aspect the hardest.”
On fluently handling his lines with technical jargon, he stated, “The process of memorizing my lines has brought about a lot of fun episodes to share. I think that ‘Phantom’ could be named the drama with the most NGs because of how hard our lines are. Memorizing lines was definitely the hardest part. “
Concluding with a special message to viewers and fans, he stated, “There were a lot of people that said that the genre wouldn’t be easy to turn into a drama, as well as people worrying over the viewer ratings because it wasn’t a typical mellow drama, but thank you so much for sending us such passionate support despite it all. I feel like I’ve climbed up and down a tall mountain. It’s upsetting to hear that it’s already the final broadcast. Thank you to all of those that loved Woohyun and Kiyoung.”
The 19th episode will broadcast on the 8th at 9:40 p.m., 20 minutes earlier than the original time slot due to the London Olympics.
Source + photos: Sports Chosun via Nate via allkpop

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