Saturday, December 10, 2011

[Article] So Ji Sub attends a funeral

Actor So Ji-sub attended the funeral of 'master' Kim Byeong-man's father.

Kim Byeong-man's father passed away due to a chronic disease. Having supported his father's medical bills for the previous five years, Kim Byeong-man has mentioned his love and affection for his father several times on TV.

On talk shows he said, "My father has Alzheimer's now and he can't even recognize me. I think of him every time something good happens to me, like when I get an award".

Kim Byeong-man is very busy these days with KBS 2's "Free Saturdays – The Birth of a Family" and the SBS 2 drama series "A Christmas Gift", as well as his wedding, scheduled for four months from now.

Meanwhile, the funeral service is currently taking place in Room One of Seoul Yeoeuido Sungmo Hospital and the coffin will be removed on December 7th.

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