Saturday, November 14, 2015

Translation of post-OMV-Presscon 'News Plaza' Interview

CR: KBS News

Translation of post-OMV-Presscon 'News Plaza' Interview with MC Park:

MC: Very happy to see the both of you. Please greet our News Plaza viewers.
SJS: Viewers of News Plaza, hello everyone. I'm So Ji Sub. Very happy to see you.
SMA: Hello everyone. I'm Shin Min Ah.
Narrator: The upcoming drama OMV premiering on 11-16 is a story about two extreme (personality) man and woman, taking on the challenge to secret of slimming, and falling in love with each other. 
MC: This time around, you are portraying the role of a personal trainer. As a celeb, you are already well-known for your 'nice body'. Very curious to know how you maintain your nice body.
SJS: Exercise! For purposes of training my body for this drama, I'm almost working out daily for about 3 hours.
Narrator: Having a nice body So Ji Sub vs Shin Min Ah who will be a lady who loses her slim and sexy figure.
SMA: Using special body make-up(face and body), and sitting for about 3 hours to be made-up, and the make-up has to be on bare skin...because I'm a lady, I worry about possible skin problems.
Narrator: Through this drama, you are both collaborating for the first time. Tell us how you feel about your on-location filming collaboration .
SMA: The filming location is really very good. The ambience is great. The collaborations among actors is almost perfect! 
MC: What is the attraction of this drama?
SJS: Because it has me in it! (laughs)
SJS: Although this drama feels like a common theme, it does contain innovative ideas and is very healthy. Viewers will likely feel happiness watching it.
MC: Lastly, please say one last word to viewers.
SJS & SMA: Viewers of News Plaza, OMV will premiere on 11-16. Please anticpate. Thank you..
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