Saturday, July 25, 2015

[Update] 24072015 So Ji Sub interview pix

" Jisub said he had Mapo Tofu when he arrived, he had missed it since he ate it last year. But he said he needs to go on a diet if he begins drama shooting, he easily gets fat but he loves to eat. He felt happy that he's invited to Taiwan for two years in a row.
The media asked about his resemblance to Yoo Seung-ho, he said he thinks they do look alike when they smile, but he hopes Yoo Seung-ho won't mind him saying that. The media also mentioned that some people think he looks like Jun Ji-hyun's husband Choi Jun-hyuk, but he said he had never met him so he can't tell...
When asked if there's anything he feels regretted about his career as an actor, he said it is the fact that he didn't graduate from college "
Credit : Sojisubar 蘇志燮貼吧 via

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