Thursday, February 5, 2015

"A Love Letter To So Ji Sub" event on 51K -Tutorial-

Huge thanks to our friends in SojiSubar FB for this tutorial.. hope many fans will participate ^^ :

Write a love letter to Sonick~To participate:
1. In "Love Letter" column, write a love letter post, it would be great if you also include photos of sweet chocolate.
2. Title must include the phrase [love letter]
3. Have to be a green or orange member
4. One participation per person only
5. Date: Feb 4 to Feb 14
6. Three will be chosen to receive a present

Log into (you have to be a registered user), click on "Love letter" on the left navigation

2. 點To
Click on "To"

3. 點"Write"
Click "write"

4. 在“Title”欄鍵入[love letter],之後在投稿框內填寫情書內容
4. Include [love letter] in your title, then start writing

5. 若要插入巧克力圖片,則點選“插入圖片”圖標
If you want to include your chocolate photos, click on the image icon

(Skip this step if you don't insert photos) Upload photos and click “확인”

then the last step :
All the credits go to SojiSubar FB via

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