Thursday, March 28, 2013

So Ji Sub in Giordano -more pix-

no comment needed....*faints*
 Credit : Giordano/Baidu

So Ji Sub in Giordano wallies

well, not sure if ill put the wallies with SMA on but he surely looks good in them *sigh* not sure either if i already posted these ones before too, im too lazy & Dizzy to search *another sigh*

 Credit : Giordano/FB

[Scans] So Ji Sub in "Haru hana Vol 17" Magazine 26032013

mmm that look in his eyes...
Credit: FB/Baidu

Friday, March 15, 2013

So Ji Sub in Vivien -new pic-

dont think this one needs any comment @@ .... 
♥♥♥ i love candy , blue & you ♥♥♥ *singing* ^____^
Credit : Vivien FB

[Video] So Ji Sub - Preview of "Ghost" on WOWOW TV 13032013

Translation of Ji Sub's message:

"Hi WOWOW viewers,
I am So Jisub.
It's a very interesting program.
So, don't miss any episode!
Thank you very much"

Credit : sjstoprak @ YT

UPDATE : a clearer video
Credit : Lereve So @ YT

[51k] Love Letter 14.03.2013

잘 지내시죠?
전 잘 지내고 있어요...^^
언제 어디서 무얼하든... 늘 생각하고 있습니다...



Credit :
Translation by Hind :
How are you?
im doing well...^^
Whenever, wherever, whatever i do..Always thinking...
So Ji Sub.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Video] So Ji Sub on "Hanryu-factory" Special interview 08032013

Jisub's promoting "A Company Man" while he was in Japan ^^ hoping for a translation *praying*
thanks to the uploader : k1313k1313k

Thursday, March 7, 2013

[Video] (English sub) So Ji Sub - Vivien 2013 CF

thanx to Viki channel subbers, we got to understand what's the cutie little girl's saying to Jisub in the latest Vivien CF ^^
mmm dont know why i cant past embed vids in here ...mmm anyway here's the link  :

thanks to Credits

[Article] ZE:A’s Dongjun reveals he drank 13 bottles of cucumber soju with actor So Ji Sub

ZE:A‘s Dongjun discussed the time he drank 13 bottles of cucumber soju with actor So Ji Sub.
Dongjun guest starred on the March 5th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside‘ where he shared, “I don’t drink often with So Ji Sub, but when we do, we drink for a long time. We once drank from 10 pm to 7 am.”
He continued, “I usually like drinking more than going to clubs. I met him when he already had 2 to 3 bottles of cucumber soju, but we drank 10 more bottles before parting ways.” Dongjun added, “I remember him telling me, ‘Don’t try to become a star.’ He advised me, ‘You need to do acting, singing, and dancing because you like it. Don’t get caught up on what you appear to be on the outside.’”
Dongjun, who has been active in movies and musicals, expressed, “Going to the set feels like going to receive acting lessons. After my filming is done, I try to monitor the senior actors’ acting.“
Credit :

ZE:A’s Dong Jun Once Drank 13 Soju Bottles with So Ji Sub

In case you didn’t know, ZE:A’s Dong Jun can take his alcohol. And when So Ji Sub is pouring you a drink, who’s to say no?

The ZE:A member was a guest on the March 5 broadcast of tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside alongside members Im Si Wan, Hyung Sik and Kwanghee, where he talked about his close relationship with actor So Ji Sub.
The two previously starred in 2012 film A Company Man together, and it appears they are occasional drinking buddies.

"I don’t drink often with So Ji Sub hyungnim, but when we drink, we drink for a long time,” said Dong Jun. “We drank from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. once.”

In addition to sharing 13 bottles of soju that night, Dong Jun said that what So Ji Sub said to him stuck with him, saying “Hyungnim said then, ‘Don’t try to be a star. You have to act, sing and dance because you like it. Don’t be showy.”

Dong Jun is currently promoting as ZE:A Five and has been cast to star in the idol version of KBS’ Love and War.

Now, about that hangover…


[Video] Preview of So Ji Sub's interview on the Hanryu Factory (BS Japan)

here is a small preview of So Ji Sub's interview that will be broadcasted on the 8th March at 10 am on Hanryu Factory (BS Japan) , i cant wait for the whole video....

Thanks to uploader/FB

So Ji Sub in Vivien -Wallies-

& here are the wallies ^^
Vivien blue Wallpaper

Vivien Orange Wallpaper
Credit Vivien

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So Ji Sub in Vivien -more pix-

Vivien are spoiling us, im not complaining..anyone's complaining???

 cute ^^
 huh...that look!!!!
Credit : Vivien FB

Credit : Vivien blog

[51k] new Kollection pix 06032013

New pic collection from "Vivien CF" shooting ^^ :

 Credit : 51k

So Ji Sub in Vivien -more pix-

Credit Vivien FB

Yoo Seung Ho reports for military duty

Time does really fly by, he was just a small kid & now he's all grown up & heading to fulfill his military duty time.
Yoo Seung Ho, aka little jisub, reported today for his military duty, secretly as any other Young man. He didnt let the media or his fans know of the exact time, he just went in by himself, but dont worry he did left a short video (for us his noonas dead worried for him) :

some glimpse on this matter taken from his interview with Harper Bazaar Magazine :  “Nobody knows the exact date when I go to the millitary. There's no people who comes to the training camp while feeling easy . So when the media reporters blocking the way because of reporting an actor, they feel irritate, and i don’t like it too. I want to go quietly, as soon as possible.”
credit  YSHbiased  @ twitter

here are some pix from the farewell party (cr: TTU)
looking so cute *sobs* Seunghoya noona wont forget you , come back safely *sobs*
Military Enlistment: Tuesday 03.05.2013 102 Chuncheon Army Support Group (Finishing the army: 04/12/2014)
i Wonder if he's been in touch with Jisub, called him or saw him....
to ease away our pain, here are some pix from the Bazaar magazine :
 thanks to credit
See you in two years cutie *sobs*