Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yoo Seung Ho reports for military duty

Time does really fly by, he was just a small kid & now he's all grown up & heading to fulfill his military duty time.
Yoo Seung Ho, aka little jisub, reported today for his military duty, secretly as any other Young man. He didnt let the media or his fans know of the exact time, he just went in by himself, but dont worry he did left a short video (for us his noonas dead worried for him) :

some glimpse on this matter taken from his interview with Harper Bazaar Magazine :  “Nobody knows the exact date when I go to the millitary. There's no people who comes to the training camp while feeling easy . So when the media reporters blocking the way because of reporting an actor, they feel irritate, and i don’t like it too. I want to go quietly, as soon as possible.”
credit  YSHbiased  @ twitter

here are some pix from the farewell party (cr: TTU)
looking so cute *sobs* Seunghoya noona wont forget you , come back safely *sobs*
Military Enlistment: Tuesday 03.05.2013 102 Chuncheon Army Support Group (Finishing the army: 04/12/2014)
i Wonder if he's been in touch with Jisub, called him or saw him....
to ease away our pain, here are some pix from the Bazaar magazine :
 thanks to credit
See you in two years cutie *sobs*

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