Friday, April 27, 2012

So Ji Sub in "Beijing International Film Festival" -1-

the following updates were shared by dear Charlesriver @ Soompi, huge thanks to her ^^

22 April 2012
SJS will arrive at Beijing Int'l airport at 2PM today (23rd) Beijing local time. There will be fans there to welcome him.
Evening's red carpet event will NOT open to public (why?!!).

On the 24th, 7PM will show the movie "Always" at CGV星星国际影城北京奥体店. 60 Jisub's fans will attend. After the movie, SJS will get on the stage to meet the audiences. There will be prize drawings, Q&As, etc.

24 April 2012
Tonight's stage visit has ended. Lucky fans at the drawings got a signed "Always" poster and a hug.
A fan didn't have the ticket to get in, but SJS signed on her fan with his pic on it in the parking lot.
There are some pix from tonight's event on page 17 of the link posted above. More tomorrow I guess.

According to SJS's Chinese agency ATN, they will work on a script specially for SJS. Could be a movie but
I'm not sure... The boss from ATN flew back from US specially for SJS and BIFF. He was on the stage with SJS

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