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"Only You/Always" in Thailand -2-

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THERE A WILL, THERE A WAY...bringing Always movie to Thailand

Note :

- Major Cineplex...the largest movie theater chain in Thailand

- M-Pictures...leading movie importer in Thailand

- ASTA Mag...the best-selling korean entertainment magazine in Thailand

- National Federation of Thai Film Associations (NFTFA)...lead organizer of HHIFF

- Mr. Sorayuth (TV3)...the most popular TV journalism in Thailand

What I did earlier

Oct 6 => e-mail to friend at Major Cineplex (with full info of Always + BIFF) urged to bring in Always movie for Thai movie-goers

[Major Cineplex forwarded my e-mail to M-Pictures on the same day]

Nov 13 => M-Pictures posted in FaceBook that Always will be available at Major Cineplex on December 22, 2011

Nov 16 => M-Picture postponed Always to February 2, 2012

Nov 30 => hearded that Always will have a Press Conference + join HHIFF in Thailand

What's next

Dec 6 => e-mail to friend at Major Cineplex whether Always joins HHIFF or not + informed that Mr. Sorayuth (TV3) admires HHJ so much

Dec 19 => meeting with ASTA Mag

Dec 21 => HHIFF had a press conference

Dec 23 => SJS Thai FC meeting (events' preparations)

Dec 26 => meeting with Major Cineplex , M-Pictures

Dec 27 => meeting with HHIFF , informing Mr. Sorayuth (TV3)
I made CDs with full of Always + BIFF info and handed out to those parties so that they all got the same intensive info in limited timing.

And showed them my Always making book. Many of them wanted to order as well.
Highlight of discussions

=> Me and Pompam went to ASTA Mag with my CD asking them to publish Always filming in Thailand in January 2012 issue, but it was too late. Then, they asked me to write my experience of Always filming in Thailand in Fan Club section in February 2012 issue instead. We talked about rough schedules informed by M-Pictures and HHIFF. They also advised us to open Always (Thailand) fan page in FaceBook to promote the movie and to be a channel to inform SJS & HHJ schedules before hand to fan clubs.

=> I saw 2012 movie time line of Major Cineplex confirming that Always will be 100% available at Major Cineplex movie theaters on February 2, 2012. By mid of January 20112, they will let me know specific branches to show the movie.

=> At M-Pictures, I got many more details.

M-Picture responsibilities : hold Always press conference

- Jan 24 : SJS+HHJ come to Thailand

- Jan 25 : Always Press Conference + VIP (include FC) movie premier giving away premium with SJS & HHJ autographs

- Big surprise to Mr. Sorayuth (TV3)

NFTFA together with sponsors : hold HHIFF inviting Always movie to join the venue

- Jan 27 : Gala Openning Night @ Inter Continental Hua Hin Resort + movie premier @ Major Cineplex Hua Hin

- Jan 28 : Korean Night

- Jan 29 : (I'm not sure whether SJS+HHJ will go back to Korea on this day.)

[Note...M-Pictures asked to join FaceBook info between M-Pictures and our Always (Thailand) fan page.]

=> I went to NFTFA, but the planning staff wasn't there. Then I left my CD and showed BIFF overall pics as a guideline for thier preparations. The person I talked to like Jisub oppa so much.

=> I e-mail Mr. Sorayuth (TV3) that HHJ will come to Thailand and gave him my CD + Always poster at his office.

=> Here is FaceBook of Always (Thailand) => Always Movie ~SoJiSub & HanHyoJoo@Thailand

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