Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Video] So Ji Sub cheering for the Olmypic athletes

love this piece of news ^^

translation 한초하 via Sarvin @ Soompi :
Korean national team selected SoJisub as the star who they really want to meet the most. (Yes, SoJisub is in the first place)
Many stars participated in Support Show of SBS to support & encourage Korean olympic national team at the SBS studio.
But SoJisub couldn't be there due to Ghost shooting. There was only video msg of him. But only SoJisub could get the big scream. But beloe video is edit version.
We can see how many stars will be there. Except SoJisub, they were at studio with national team members.

SoJisub : Hello, I am SoJisub
Reporter : SoJisub ssi, you are chosen to the star (No.1) who national team members want to meet the most.
Especially, JungDaoon of Judo told that she could win olympic gold medal if SoJisub ssi gives her to meet him.
SoJisub : Ah, really?. It is my honer. I really want to meet our national team members and cheer them but I am so afraid not to go to studio because of drama shooting. And thank you so much. Especially, JungDaoon athlete of Judo, please win a gold medal. Fighting.
It is not importat to win a gold medal but more important thing is to trust yourselves and do your best for your best play without regret. Korean national team fighting!!!

Captures by dearest Coco @ Soompi 

Friday, July 27, 2012

[Video] SBS2012 07 18한밤의tv연예 드라마유령집중분석

wish there's subbs for this one ^^ they're so cute ^^
credit :  @ YT

[Article] Drama preemptions abound for the Olympic Games

July 23, 2012
The London Olympics will be taking over some major primetime broadcasting slots, and it looks like dramas will be preempted left and right. Everyone take a deep breath, and stock up on some behind-the-scenes videos and reruns to tide yourselves over for the next few weeks.
Ghost (SBS, Wed-Thu) will also most likely be delayed a week, and air its final two episodes August 8-9. This is probably the cruelest preemption as far as narratives go, since cutting out a week before the last episodes of a mystery thriller is just plain mean. Stay strong, people. You’ll make it.
Credit : dramabeans

[Article/Spoiler] ‘Ghost’ Um Ki Joon, Threatens So Ji Sub Using His Son

July 26, 2012

Cho Hyun Min(Um Ki Joon) warned Park Ki Young(So Ji Sub) using Kim Woo Hyun's son.
On the episode aired on the 26th, Park Ki Young found out that Kim Woo Hyun's son Kim Sun Woo has been missing and he went to a playground near the house.
When he was searching the playground, he found Cho Hyun Min who was playing with Sun Woo and he told Sun Woo, "Go play somewhere quiet" and made an opportunity to talk to Cho Hyun Min.
To this, Cho Hyun Min said, "I don't know what being fair is. You need to cheat sometimes. I killed many people so far and adding two more to the number is an easy task. So you better back off from my work", and warned him. And to this, Park Ki Young said, "If you harm Woo Hyun's father and Sun Woo, I will kill you" out of anger.
Credit : en.koreaportal 

[Article/Spoiler] So Ji Sub tried to reveal everything before he died


So Ji-sub tried to reveal everything before he died.
Park Ki-yeong (Choi Daniel / So Ji-sub) was pretending to be Kim Woohyeon and fell into risk of becoming an accomplice for the murder of Chairman Nam Sang-won of CK Electronics thanks to phantom Jo Hyeon-min's (Eom Gi-joon) plan.
Park Ki-yeong refused Kwon Hyeok-joo (Kwak Byeong-gyoo) and Yoo Kang-mi's (Lee Yeon-hee) help. He didn't want them to be put in a tight spot because of him. Kwon Hyeok-joo told Park Ki-yeong, "Kim Woohyeon's father is in critical condition, go see him". Park Ki-yeong visited the father before he officially started his revenge on the phantom.
Kim Woohyeon's father knew right away that he wasn't his son. He asked, "Are you Ki-yeong? Did something happen to you?"
"Woo-hyeon tried to reveal everything. We have to trust him" he said before he fell into shock.
Meanwhile, director Jeon Jae-wook (Jang Hyeon-seong) was headed for his ward. Park Ki-yeong got out of there with a close call and his in Jeon's car and told him, "The other person in the video other than Kim Woohyeon is the real criminal".

[Article/] So Ji Sub and Kwak DoWon are fans of "Girls’ Generation"

Actors So Ji Sub and Kwak DoWon displayed their affection for Girls’ Generation.

On the SBS “One Night TV Entertainment” aired on 18th, the staff visited the filming set of SBS TV drama “Ghost”. During the visit, So Ji Sub said, “I am actually close with Kwak DoWon and we have a good team work”.

Upon hearing this, Kwak DoWon replied, “I should be hating him upon seeing the expressions in his eyes, but instead, love was what I felt”.

So Ji Sub then revealed, “I laughed very hard when ‘Crazy Cow (Kwak DoWon’s nickname in the drama)’ sang along to Girls’ Generation’s song”. After that, Kwak DoWon confessed, “I love Girls’ Generation” and So Ji Sub added “I’m also a fan of Girls’ Generation”

In the drama “Ghost”, both So Ji Sub (Kim WooHyun/Park KiYoung) and Kwak DoWon (Kwon HyukJoo) are colleagues and rivals in the cyber investigation team.

Source: star.moneytoday.co.kr
Translation: fanwonder.com 

[Download link] "Ghost" Episodes -17 & 18-

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Credit : kpopella.org

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[Download link] "Ghost" Episodes -15 & 16-

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Credit : kpopella.org

[Video] "Ghost" Making 120726

a cute making vid ^^
any comment or at least reaction would be appreciated u know ^^
Credit : fono40 @ YT

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Ghost" shooting updates/BTS -7-

sharing some BTS pix ^^

Credit DC


seems like there's some SEIG FAHRENHEIT pix in the making ^^ im soooo much anticipating this ^^


Credit on pic/DC


handsome Jisub ^^


Credit : NOBLEARGO FB page

[Article] So Ji Sub is selected as the handsomest model-turned actor

July 25, 2012 8:00 pm

Actor So Ji Sub was recently selected as the handsomest model-turned actor.
Online community portal site DC Inside (www.dcinside.com) did a survey starting on July 17 through 24 asking, “Who is the handsomest model-turned actor?”
As a result, So Ji Sub ranked first, receiving 702 votes (26.5 percent) out of 2,648 votes. He debuted as a model for a jeans company in 1995 and appeared on a sitcom the next year. Since then he has become a popular talented actor through several TV series, including Glass ShoesI’m Sorry I Love YouCain and Abel, and Ghost.
Actor Kang Dong Won ranked second, receiving 422 votes (15.9 percent). He also debuted as a model and started appearing on TV series and movies in 2003. He has become a beloved actor through Temptation of WolvesMaundy ThursdayWoochiSecret Reunion, and Haunters.
Actor Cho In Sung came in third, receiving 366 votes (13.8 percent). He debuted in 1998 and appeared on the sitcom New Nonstop. Then he was recognized as a talented actor through PianoHappening in Bali, andSpring Day. He received the Best Actor prize at ‘The 5th Korea Film Awards’ thanks to the movie A Dirty Carnival.
The website is currently doing a survey asking, “Who is the most beautiful model-turned actress?”
Source: TV Report / en.korea.com

So Ji Sub in Vivien

vivien FB page : https://www.facebook.com/vivien.kr

some wallies ^^

 Credit : Vivien/DC

Preview ep 17 of "Ghost"

Credit : fono40 @ YT


트루스토리 사무실에서 현민은 기영과의 대화를 마친 후 떠나고 기영은 혁주에게서 빨리 나오라는 연락을 받는다. 그 때 경찰차들이 사이렌 소리를 내며 빠른 속도로 다가오는데…
English translation by happy22qt from Welcome to happy's world:
Ki Young is having a conversation with Hyun Min about the true stories in their office when Ki Young suddenly left and went outside upon receiving a call from Hyuk Joo. Then a police car running at high speed and sounding the siren suddenly appears...
credit : soompi

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preview ep 15 of "Ghost"

Credit :  @ YT

written preview :
도청장치를 사무실에 설치했다는 누명을 받게 된 기영은 결백을 주장하지만 치현은 굽히지 않고 기기 출납 장부를 확인하려고 한다. 그 때, 혁주는 누가 도청기를 가져갔는지 알고 있다고 말한다. 한편, 도청사건이 알려지자 수많은 기자들이 경찰청 건물 정문 앞에 모여 질문세례를 하는데...
credit : soompi

[51k] 51K new kollection pix (2012.07.17)

Ghost post shooting : 

Credit : 51k via soompi

[Download link] "Ghost" Episodes -13 & 14-

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Credit : semi-fly @ soompi

Credit : kpopella.org

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